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Dieting verses weight loss - what you should know...

Do you often wonder what hormones cause you to be hungry and which hormones shut down your hunger and how you can best understand them so that you can maintain a healthy weight?

Well it wasn't until recently that, 20th century (1999 to be exact), scientist discovered the hormones Leptin which helps us maintain a healthy weight by working with Ghrelin. Ghrelin which stimulates your hunger and appetite and adiponectin which is involved in regulating your glucose levels as well as fatty acid breakdown. Together these hormones are known to report back to your brain on your nutritional status as well as help regulate your appetite and food intake.

One of the problems that you may face if you are trying to shed a few kilos for the bikini weather ahead is that there are at least 10 hormones that are produce by your gut bacteria that communicate with a part of your brain called the hypothalamus (I like to call this gland your master controller) along with Leptin, Ghrelin and Aponectin to regulate your weight.

So it makes sense to acknowledge that to support the balance of your food intake you need a healthy digestive tract as support crew for your major hormones.

These hormones and their support crew are vital to weight loss however due to the fact that they are designed to balance each other out, ( like a set of scales), they can often work against you.

Let me explain... When you reduce your food intake, due to the fact that Leptin is made by your fat cells, you produce much less Leptin. This action feeds back to the master controller, the hypothalamus, to alter your food intake and as a result your appetite is increased as too is your food intake and often this can end up being the wrong kinds of food unless your are prepared for your Leptin drop.

One of the best ways to reduce this effect is to slowly reduce your body fat which is why the common agreed weight loss from Nutritional professionals is 500gms per week. This is less likely to drastically reduce leptin production and this swing in the favour of Ghrelin therefore increasing your appetite.

You may think that your body is working against you as you read this however I assure you that it’s not you see fat does have a protective function that it performs in your body as well as supplying energy stores and, when we lose weight/fat cells it results in a rise in adiponectin levels which are associated with beneficial effects on your glucose levels as well as our inflammatory markers therefore making it easier to maintain your new wellness program.

If you are trying to lose weight and your sugar cravings are getting to you, focus on your balancing your adiponectin levels which will in turn supresses your ghrelin levels, i.e your appetite.

A very simple way to do this is by adding the drink below to your wellness program. I find this drink best around 2-3pm in the afternoon but you can have it any time and as often as you like. It's super simple and you should have all the ingredients in your pantry.

1/2 teasp tumeric

1/2 teasp honey

hot water

pinch of black pepper

Mix and enjoy!

Now if you are still struggling with balancing your apetite signals then I would suggest that you consider taking a probiotic to help produce the gut bacteria needed as your support crew or as an alternative add food such as leeks, onions, artichoke, flax seed and garlic, (I just to name a few), into your diet on a daily basis.