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At last information about Acne that will boost your self confidence...

If you suffer from Acne you know how it affects your self- confidence, your actions, stress levels and how you integrate in a social, work and intimate setting.

For many of us it starts in our teenage years and seems to continue… Have you ever wondered why that is? Well it first starts with our gut health and the diversity of our beneficial microbes. Those of us that were born surgically or by ‘C Section’ have the disadvantage of not starting off life on the right foot. Then other things that impact our developing gut health is whether we were breast fed as a baby and whether we had antibiotics/medications in the first three years of life, in particular.

Once of the reasons that acne starts at during the teenage years is because our body’s go through a microbial change and this change can lead to acne.

Acne has been said to be the most common skin condition that faces mankind. It affects about 90% of teenagers and is more common in Caucasians than dark skin races, although this is changing as they adopt the Western Diet.

It is cyclic in nature and becomes more prevalent in times of stress, both physical and emotional, hormonal surges, (such as the changes in your menstrual cycle), digestive disorders, nutritional deficiencies such as magnesium and Vitamin D and dehydration.

The word acne is said to be derived from the Greek words Akne meaning “a point”. There are four main types of Acne;

Drug induced Acne which is usually from steroid therapyHalogen Induced Acne induced by iodides and bromides that have been ingestedTopical acne which is the most common and also known as Acne Vulgaris and is both hormonal and gut health related.Acne Conglobata which is a severe form of Acne Vulgaris and tends to appear later in life. The lesions tend to appear on the face, neck and upper arms as well as the back, chest and buttocks. (In my experience this tends to be related to a nutritional deficiency such as Vitamin D, Iodine, Iron, Chromium, and then impacting the function of other organs in our body such as thyroid )

When treating Acne it is important to understand that your skin is cyclic. What I mean by this is that your skin renews itself every 30 days unless you are over the age of 25 then it slowly progresses to 60 days as you age . This is an important concept to be comfortable with because in understanding this you will be able to monitor the health of your skin and the changes that are occurring in conjunction with the Acne cycle with a reasonable expectation.

When the Acne cycle is impacting your skin, your goal is to improve the health, hydration and resilience of your skin so that the detrimental or harmful bacteria; Proprionebacterium Acnes, P.Granulosum or Pitrrosporum Ovale cannot over colonise your skin and cause infections.

Its like eradicating a group of squatters really but you must remember and be persistent so that you can triumph and have healthy beautiful skin. So remember approx. very 30-60 days your skin completes its renewal cycle.

The answer is four parts as you need to;

feed your skin with topical vitamin, minerals and amino acids, restore the skin’s barrier and microbiome and improve your skin’s healthy and vitality by protecting it from the sun’s rays and heat that causes heat stress in the skin.\Revise your diet and lifestyle to ensure that your body is getting enough vitamins to feed your skin, internally and have a healthy menstrual cycle,(for the girls). Pizza and burgers with lettuce will not give you enough of the vitamins, minerals and amino acids that you need!

So why revise your diet?

Well your diet and digestive health are the pivotal point of you enjoying either good health or not so good health.

Digestive complaints such as bloating, constipation, diarrhoea and indigestion reflect that your digestive health is not stable and this of course will affect your skin. Simple changes to your diet such as increasing the amount of greens ( e.g salads), vegetables and adding small amounts of animal protein – with your animal protein being 1/3 of your plates food rather than 50 or 60% will start to increase the amount of nutrients that are available for your body to function at optimum.

Avoid foods that feed the harmful bacteria such as pizza, pasta, breads, burgers, milk products and all fast foods.

Probiotics can be a great help to support the balance of your gut’s microbiome, along with Essential Fatty acids as these help balance the amount of natural oils that your skin makes which is essential to fight harmful bacteria that may overgrow on your skin.

Vitamins C is beneficial, as an antioxidant, to not only reduce the spread of these harmful bacteria but Vitamin C will also help break the acne cycle.

It has been well documented that high doses of Vitamin A are very beneficial which is why there are many products on the market however bear in mind that ideally, if you have a choice, natural fat soluble Vitamin A in the form of Retinaldehyde, not so much the synthetic Vitamin A such as Retinol, assists with controlling sebum production, protecting against UV light damage and collagen production and skin repair which makes it a perfect vitamin for reversing scarring as long as these vitamins reach your dermal layer.

To break the cycle of harmful bacteria I would suggest that you choose a cleaning product that is not to harsh on your skin such as the peroxides and benzenes but rather support a healthy skin microbiome and doesn’t leave a residue on your skin that can promote harmful bacteria overgrowth by acting as food for the microbes.

Feed your skin topically with vitamins such as A, B3, Zinc, Magnesium and C and make sure that you also getting these nutrients in your diet.

Your skin heals when you sleep so burning the candle at both ends is not conducive for your skin’s ability to heal.

With my LSMskincare range I use the following protocol for acne;

1. Gentle cleanser to re-establish normal skin microbiome and then progress to the Deep cleanser after a few months.

2.Remodel and remove congestion in your skin by using an anti-inflammatory serum such as the Skin Renewal Stimulator.

3. Re-hydrate with either the Age Reversal because it is high in Magnesium, Zinc and Vitamin C or the Revive and Restore because your skin’s barrier is dry and damaged.

Why not try these principles and check out our skincare to see how your skin can look and feel great given the right amount of renewal time and support!